LetFreedomRing4Me.com is my web site and also the name of my blog. I started this as a way to express my feelings an emotions and for my Love of this Country. My intend is to write about things that will move you to help change our Country, to rebuild our Military, Honor our Veterans, our Law Enforcement Officers, our First Responders, and others who give of themselves on a daily basis.

Mark Lee is a proud patriotic American who respects our flag, gets tears in his eyes whenever he says the Pledge of Allegiance or hears our National Anthem.

If what I have mentioned above reminds you of how you use to feel or if you still feel this way about our Country “The United States of America” please help me wake up the people who call themselvesĀ  The Silent Majority or Conservative. This is perhaps our last chance to rebuild our Country and restore our Country to what it started as and that is One Country under God with Liberty and Justice for All.