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http://Wake UP Nashville! Wake Up Tennessee! Yes its time we all wake up and stop letting someone else select who represents us in our Government. It is embarassing that only about 20% of the registered voters come out and vote in each election. This year we have an opportunity to start cleaning house and getting rid of all the “Good Old Boys”. The only way we are going to clean up our Government is to start replacing all the career politicans. You know who I am talking about. Its those people that have been in office for dozens of years. You know they serve several terms as a Congressman or Senator and you just vote for them because you don’t know anything about the people running against them. But you figure that if they are in office they probably aren’t as bad as the new person might be. The problem with this thinking process is that they really are not doing anything. They are collecting a paycheck and the lobbyists are padding their pockets so they really don’t accomplish anything to improve our government, reduce our tax burdens and make our lives better. I really think they all play a game of keepaway from us. Example, in 2008 we elected a person to the WhiteHouse who promised us a change and better lives. Health Care for all, if you like your Doctors you can keep them. Lower cost for healthcare and on and on and on. Did we get to keep our doctors? Some of us did but most of us didn’t. Mainly because the new health plans where so different our doctors either retired or the plans we had suddenly became so expensive we started looking for alternative plans. We gave this person complete control of the Congress and the Senate. Two years go by and nothing is really accomplished. They couldn’t even get the system on line for people to sign up. That took an extra year to get it up and running and more than double the cost of the system. So we decided maybe we shouldn’t let the one party run things and we gave the House of Representatives back to the other party with a small majority, thinking they would get some things done. They fought over everything, the government got much larger,welfare rolls started to increase, they stopped telling us what the rate of inflation is or was, the deficit increased during the first term of that President by over 6 TRILLION Dollars. Each time they needed to either increase the budget limits and the deficit one party fought the battle and the other side blamed them for closing down the government. Two years later no balanced budget, no reduction in spending and no sign of reducing the deficit. Another election, a second term in office for the President and now both the House and the Senate are both Republican controlled. Nothing gets accomplished, both parties continue to argue – no agreements and both parties continue to play the blame game. I think of things in a very simple process – if we have a problem – either you are part of the problem or you are part of the solution. I really think this is the problem with our Nation, we have many, many people that are part of the problem. We call them career Politicians. Its time that we clean the House of career Politicans and get some Smart, Intelligent, Caring Young People who don’t want to be a career politican. Elect them and give them a chance to make changes that will make our Nation reach a greater level of what this Country started out to do. ONE NATION UNDER GOD, INDIVISEABLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. I have meet someone who wants to do just that. This person comes from a very strong and humble Christian background. She is a self starter and has started a small business serving the people in Nashville. She is full of energy and ready to hit the ground running when elected. She is open to listening to the thoughts and ideas of the people she wants to serve as the 5th District Congressman, serving all the people of Davidson County, Dickson County, and Cheatham County. Who is this incredible young lady? Stacy Ries Snyder. I only ask 2 things of you on Election Day. 1. Get up and take a friend or a relative to vote. 2. Vote for Stacy Ries Snyder for 5th Distict Congress

Its Great to have A Presidential Candidate That Supports Our 2nd Amendment

It was very heart warming today to hear Donald J Trump in front of a packed arena somewhere in the U.S.A. talking to his audience and supporting our 2nd Amendment Rights. After the decision handed down by the 9th Circuit Courts lame comments about  our rights to carry our firearms concealed. Although this applies  only to the state of California, its a real blow to our 2nd amendment rights. I really think this is just the first chip with more to come.

From all I have ever seen those with carry permits are the nicest and very polite when dealing with other people, whether we are open carrying or carrying their firearms concealed.

I  think that  we have a real leader running for the office of President, someone with the courage to take up for all of us and not back down . Unlike the person on the other side who is still skating around the issue of the legality of her email system while she was Secretary of State. It pretty apparent that she committed some illegal acts while in that office and apparently the President will give her cover for these acts.

As a member of the NRA we have endorsed Donald J. Trump for President and I will support  him. I encourage everyone who reads this to also support Mr. Trump.

As a recruiter for the NRA if you are not a member or if your membership is in need of being renewed please visit my website at  www.letfreedowring4me.com



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